Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bath Spa

Day two of our 5 day whirlwind tour of Southern England was a trip to Bath Spa. Only about an hour in the Car from Newbury, we arrived at 10.30am after a minor detour (as I forgot how to find the carpark). Again, fortunately the weather was great and despite a bit of haze the views over Bath from the Lansdown carpark were fantastic. We left the car in the park and ride and took the return bus trip for just £3 for the day, bargain!

We were dropped in the centre of Bath itself and paid a quick visit to a fab cheese shop and then moved on past the great shopping with many other tourists to the Roman Baths where we bought our adults tickets for £15 each. This again (like yesterday) included a multilingual tour and meant that even though Nathalie's and Aude's English was not bad, the understanding of what was on display was made much easier. We spent a number of hours wandering around the baths being amazed by what had been uncovered and much of it quite recently.

After a sandwich sitting in the sun we went into Bath Cathedral, which again like Salisbury is a major feat of engineering. The sun shon through the brightly coloured stained glass windows bathing the whole cathedral in multicoloured shadows that bounced off the angled stonework it really was beautiful.

At 4.30 we made our way back to the carpark and arrived at my sisters at 6pm just in time for beef stew and dumplings, yummy!

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