Monday, 29 November 2010

Boy oh boy - we know how to live it up in Auvillar!

Yep, it might be winter in Tarn et Garonne, but things are still happening here! Guess what it we did in Auvillar on Friday night?.............. put it this way, we are definitely living in the fast lane (not!)

Hold on to your hats, are you sitting down, well eyes down! (Clue).

Yes, it was village bingo or lotto as they call it here and it is extremely popular in towns and villages over the winter months and it a great social event to get people together that would otherwise be hibernating in their houses with the shutters closed and a fire in the hearth!

It was all in aid of charity, my daughters' local school, and the venue was packed to the brim with parents, villagers, and children too. What did surprise me was that the children were involved in an event that started so late in the evening. Proceedings commenced at 9.00pm, in the UK if it was an event for the children it would have started at 6pm latest.

There were a few hiccups with the sound system but at 9.30pm the evening finally got underway. Prizes were donated by local businesses in Auvillar, Valence d'Agen and Bardigues and there were many on offer.

The first to shout with a full line won a bag full of goodies, then anyone with two lines also won a bag of goodies and finally those with a full house had an extra special prize of a leg or ham or 120€. Surprisingly, we actually won something too! With one line we won a bottle of local wine from the Thermes vinyard in Bardigues, a string of garlic, 800g of sausages from the local butcher and 8€ of bread and cakes from the bakery, fab!

By 12.30pm the children we getting beyond tired and I was loosing the will to live. Concentrating on the numbers that were easy at the beginning of the evening was now fast becoming a chore! When the last game was announced there was a small cheer that rumbled around the room and by 12.45 it was all over. We helped with the tidy up and put chairs and tables away and rolled into bed at 1.30am. Told in the fast lane here is exhausting!

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