Monday, 29 November 2010

Doing well with our language skills now!

Summer rolled in to Autumn and all too quickly Winter has arrived. We have not had any guests for a while and I have not felt that there has been much to tell. Sometimes with tweeting, blogging, updating the website and sorting out online advertisements working on the laptop can become a chore and the words just don't flow. Dark nights, cold mornings and huddling round my electric fire in an unheated office make it even harder and its enough to make even the most hardened expat want to think about hibernation!

Nick is continuing with the jobs around the property and is currently re laying the floor in the front office as the wooden one had rotted away. He managed to go to the local quarry and order in French a tonne of sand and 3 tonnes of balast that was delivered here today with no problems after I directed the delivery driver. Not just that, but spending time with the locals preparing foie gras, going to bingo and generally putting ourselves in more challenging situations really does help the language skills.

We have visitors from Spain next week for 3 nights in the B&B (my Spanish is non existent!) and off to Paris to work for two days and then at the end of the week I have a friend coming to stay for a few days, which I am really looking forward to, so busy busy busy again..... I have decided to organise a pre Christmas drinks evening for our new friends too so need to start thinking about food and conversation topics, better get the dictionary out!

Keep warm all, I am just putting another log on the fire.

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