Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Exciting Events today!

Day started normally, me falling out of bed at about 9.30am (as my sister still here, got a good excuse!)wandering aimlessly for an hour until I get myself into gear and then into the office to work.

Managed some skype calls to UK companies today for work and then after lunch we were all just about to go off to Agen Go-Karting for my nieces 16th Birthday, when the Pompier, (firebrigade) arrived in the drive with their lights flashing and wanted to dash into the house!! Whats going on I cried! and they told me that they had had an emergency call for a doctors' help at our address and were coming to sort it out! We explained that we had not called anyone and after a few phone calls to the firebrigade headoffice, told me that it must have been the previous owner pressing her panic button in the UK and it must still be linked to their system.

I later discovered that my husband had been removing the alarm system in the new gite to install something more upto date and when he cut the cables. It must have sent an emergency message to the firebrigade!! What a comotion and we are obviously going to keep a low profile with the emergency services for a while!

Once it was all sorted, off we all went to Go-Karting. On the way there discovered the wine tasting vineyard for Cote du Bruhlois (think that is how it is spelt, must look it up) and made a note to self to pay a visit shortly. The circuit was great and even Abigail who is only 8 had a go on her own. I was not too successful as I was busy keeping an eye on Abigail and ensuring she did not hurt herself, while the others belted round the circuit like loonatics for their 8 minute session. Mind you I did manage a few pics whilst driving one handed and a short video of goings on including a few swerves and crashes!

Once we had finished we all decided it was a good idea to go in to Agen (only 10 mins away) to find somewhere to eat and do a spot of shopping. Not much shopping done but plenty of eating and drinking! Now home eating birthday cake on a full stomache, before going to bed - not good!

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