Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saint Jacques de Compostelle

I thought that the route of Saint Jacques de Compostelle was for ramblers and pilgrims alike making their way through France from a number of different locations on foot. How mistaken I am!

There I was mowing the lawn (yes again!!) this afternoon and off to my right appeared a procession of horsedrawn carriages, some with living accommodation (like romany gypsies) and others with open carriages, the horses were all heavy carriage types and matching pairs in colours, size and markings. There must have been 10 in total and what a lovely sight it was. It made me think of Windosr horse show and the carriage display with the drey horses, although the carriages were much more utilitarian. At that point I had a pang of regret, as I had had to give my horse away before coming here due to a sunlight allergy he suffers with. I really miss him but I know he has gone to a good home. Perhaps if I had kept him the grass might not have been such an issue!

Anyway, I stopped the mower and ran inside to find a camera.... typical when ever you need something in a hurry you cannot find it! Eventually I found my phone and dashed outside to take a few snaps.... I am soo blonde, by the time I had worked out how to use the camera and take the phone out of video mode, they had all passed by!

By the way I seem to be developing muscles like a wrestler as I am having to empty the mower box every 5 minutes and it is really phycsical work, even if the mower is a ride on!

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