Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcano Crisis!

Our first guests since we moved here are my family. My sister, her partner and the children. They arrived last Wednesday for a short break before the children had to return to school.. They are still here! All was going according to plan for their return on Monday evening when the news hit about the volcano in Iceland. All flights cancelled accross Europe, children are quite happy to stay and miss school, but my sister and her partner need to get back for their jobs.

All avenues of travel have been explored, unfortunately brickwall syndrome reigns! The car hire company want an arm and a leg to take the car from Toulouse and leave it at any of the northern France ferry ports, then they need to actually get on a ferry! Easier said than done. All phone lines are busy for hours and if they can get on as foot passengers the costs are prohibitive as it is not guaranteed that they can recover any expenses incurred from either the airline or their travel insurance. So, bad luck eh...... they have to stay at Le Farat for another week until Saturday when the airlines are saying they might resume flights. It is such a hardship for them I know, sun (well not today!) saltwater swimming pool, Auvillar and sight seeing to do, and for the kids the Parc Wallaby in Agen, oh what to do with enforced holiday time!

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