Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Am I a bad Mother?

My 8 yr old has just gone off on a school trip to Biarritz for a week. I am distraught as I have forgotten to send her with a dictionary! Poor kid is already nervous about spending a week away from her mum and dad and now she has gone off with the school, the only foreign kid, not speaking the language and no dictionary!

Her French is improving, but put in her shoes I would not be overly happy. The teachers are good, but to make matters worse when she got on the coach she was split up from her friends and wouldnt look at me through the window as she was crying so much. One kind little girl was trying to comfort her, but I could do nothing to help.

Whilst away they have a full agenda of things to do and I am sure she is enjoying herself, but no phone contact is allowed as the children can get upset again talking to parents, so only letters home are permitted.

I am left with the dreadful sight in my mind of the coach driving away whith her crying her eyes out............needless to say Monday was a wipeout for me!

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  1. She is a very outgoing kid Alli and she will be loving it! She will be so happy to see you tomorrow and you will wonder why you were so worried!