Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Short trip back to the UK

It is a new experience for us as a family to be split up and although my daughter is staying with my sister, it is still hard for us to be apart.

Therefore, I thought that after 2 months here in France, a trip back to the UK would do me good. I had tried a month earlier in May but ended up sitting at the airport for over 8 hours only to be told the flight was cancelled due to volcanic ash cloud problems, however, door to door when things go right in less than 5 hours is a result.

Since my daughter's 17th birthday, just after we arrived here in France, she has been learning to drive and by all accounts doing very well from reports I had received from my sister and my father that had been taking her out in her little car to practice.

So when I arrived on Wednesday evening and hugs, kisses and evening meal were over with, my daughter was keen to take me out for a drive... well I was very impressed. No use of the second set of invisible brakes and no hanging on around corners.

Day two of my trip was a hectic day at work and meetings to review my progress for the company I am working for remotely from France on the internet. All well so I can breathe a sigh of relief!

Friday 5.30am start for a breakfast meeting to promote Le Farat and got a good lead so worth the effort. Then off to meet friends for coffee at Costa and to say good bye to a friend emigrating to Australia next week. The next few days were spent trying to catch up with family and friends and all important shopping with my daughter.

Sex and the City 2 cinema one evening was a bit of a let down and as per usual the press had over hyped it! DVLA theory driving test with my daughter on Monday afternoon...........yippee she passed and then back HOME to France Tuesday morning.

Blimy I need a rest.... hang on this is not the permanent holiday everyone thinks it is.............the lawn needs cutting again, but after drinks with neighbours of course!

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