Monday, 2 August 2010

How long did Megan last fruit picking...........

Guesses on a postcard please!!!

I must give credit where credit is due and although not taxing on the brain, picking apricots and plums in 28 degrees of heat from 8am to 6pm with time off for lunch is not that easy for anyone, especially for a 17 yr old who is not used to the heat or getting her hands dirty but...... she did it!

After day one it was touch and go if day two would even happen. I collected her from the farm at 6pm at the end of the first day and I knew as soon as I saw her I was in for a tough time! She had a face like a smacked behind, was covered in mushy fruit and moaned from the moment she got in the car! After much encouragement day two and day three were four was the last, and I was told she never wanted to do it again!!

Dare I say "in my day"........... perhaps not, too tempting , just put it down to one of lifes experiences Megan!

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  1. When I were a lad we worked all summer from 6am to 10pm, eight days a week and then, when we had finished for the day, we walked 20 miles home and were given a good whipping for being late!

    And we wos happy for that!

    Didn't do us no harm!

    Oh, the kids of today.....

    ... don't know they're born!

    All the best


    P.S. I guess Megan is probably too young to remember Monty Python?