Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Kitten Rescue!

After the grand family debate about increasing our pet allocation following the dog show, we had decided that as we had only been living in the South of France for 4 months, now was not a good time to start building a menagerie!

However............ yesterday proved difficult and resulted in a new kitten!

Nothing was planned, nothing even mentioned about animals and Megan and I went off to Toulouse airport to collect her friend who was coming to stay for a week. En route we had been laughing about the straw pig we had seen at the side of the road in a village called Comberouger advertising their village fete and it was nice to spend some quality time in the car with my daughter. Suddenly I saw the tiniest ginger kitten running towards the car on the busy road in front of me. What could I do?........... but stop the car.

We did a quick U turn and Megan jumped out and grabbed the poor frightened ball of fluff just in time as a huge lorry whizzed passed. I am sure that if we had been just a few seconds later, the story would not have been worth writing!

It clearly was not a wild kitten and immediately started purring in Megans arms. We a quick diversion to a nearby supermarket, where I explained (in my best French!) that we had just rescued a kitten and needed a box to put it in to take it home. She obligued and we continued our journey on to Blagnac.

The kitten however, was not happy and certainly did not like the box. After a short while it had chewed a hole in the side of the box and had got its head stuck. Megan managed to free it just as it passed out due to its wind pipe being squashed! After collecting our guest at the airport, we made our way home, where unfortunately the dogs were less impressed, another life gone!!

Off to the vets this morning to get it checked out and lets hope it doesn't use any more if its nine lives today!

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