Sunday, 1 August 2010

Saint Sardos wine tasting........hic..hic!

Well need I say more than we have discovered with the help of our first gite guests a fab wine producer, locally!

As you are probably aware we have been on the vide grenier trail for sometime and sourcing furniture for our gites has become a regular sunday morning activity for our family. Oh what it is to spend the best day of the week routing though other peoples rubbish! (not my idea of a great day out.....but nevertheless a means to an end).

This morning we went off to a vide grenier in a little village called Saint Sardos, about 30 minutes south east of Auvillar and Le Farat.

The sun was shining brightly and the approach to the village through fields of sunflowers with the heads bowed low with the weight of the seeds and neatly manicured rows of vines laidened with unripe grapes was beautiful. The village skyline was dominated by huge wine vats atttached to a warehouse. The houses and old church seem to be rather insignificant by comparison.

Various roads were closed with makeshift barriers and cars were parked in any available space, safe or not! The main route from one end of the village to the other was lined with tables selling plates of food (duck and chips for 6€), honey producers, wine, bread and cakes and of course the many vide grenier tables. There was a large area set aside for eating with a stage at one end and there were hundreds of people wandering from stall to stall with a few intent on striking the best deal (including me!)

After buying another bedside table for 40€ and an antique fire poker and spade for 9€ we made our way to the wine warehouse......and that is where we spent most of the morning emerging slightly worse for wear just before lunch having sipped and slurped numerous types of wine and been entertained by a local brass band.

The red wine we chose after much deliberation and repeated tasting was 2006 Bronze award winner at the paris wine festival "2005 Gilles de Morban". fab and very easy to drink and only 4.35€ a bottle. We also chose an aperitif rose wine "coup de Coeur: Fleurise" which has already been opened this afternoon!

Take a look at their website as they will ship internationally

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