Monday, 31 January 2011

Honeymoon location - Great Idea!

We have had so many fantastic reviews since we opened up our home to holiday makers that love France including a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor, and a fab review from our first booking with we felt it was time to branch out and try and capture a different market place. So as well as holiday makers we are now looking at wedding planners and those that are looking for a romantic getaway and honeymoon location.

The steady stream of guests, locals and friends alike think what we have here is really stunning and something special which has inspired us to think the bigger picture.

Unfortunately we do not have enough rooms to sleep lots of guests, but the lawns and gardens lend themselves beautifully to wedding receptions. We have also been told the photographs I have taken don't do the place justice and you really have to be here to appreciate the scale of everything! I know still images do not always do a place justice but I am not in a position technically to add video to our website at present, but am trying.

A neighbour who had recently got married came for drinks recently and we gave her a guided tour of the establishment. She was bowled over and said if she had known the B&B room was as stunning she would have booked her honeymoon with us. Praise indeed!

So therefore, please spread the word, if you know anyone looking for a stunning and peaceful location in which to enjoy a honeymoon, Le Farat could be the place! Who knows, it takes off we might even apply for a marriage licence so guests can marry here too!


  1. Please, take a translator on your blog !
    Best regards !

  2. thank you for the comment I will look into it