Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Busy weekend without husband!

This week I have been revelling in the fact I have been husband free!!! I know it sounds terrible, but when you live and work with someone 24/7 it does you good to be on your own on occasions!

My husband drove to the UK on Monday last week on his first trip back since moving here to get some much needed provisions and to see our eldest daughter to make some university visits with her, whilst I held the fort here in France with Abigail, our youngest and the dogs.

All things considered, I managed to do lots of the things I have been meaning to do for weeks inlcuding catching up on three weeks of ironing, as I too had been back to the UK for work twice in January. The only really testing time was was each evening between 4.30pm and 8pm when Abigail came home from school and everything needed doing at once. Dogs feeding and walking, cooking a meal, homework and bathtime etc...

Over the weekend after spending most of Saturday doing housework, Abigail and I went out for the day on Sunday.

We started first at the childrens book fayre held at the Events Hall in Valence d'Agen, where there was a large selection of stall holders all selling books. The best bit, which made the event special was that 6 illustrators were in attendance and all had illustrated a number of the books on sale. They had the children captivated and one artist even quizzed the children individually and created a personal caricature for each to take home.

Lunch at a pizza restaurant was followed by an open afternoon at the local riding stables where free rides were being given to promote the new ownership at the stables. I must say this part of the day raised the biggest smiles, unsurprisingly!

Although the fog didn't clear all day and it was cold that seemed not to matter to anyone, we retired early to bed happy and anticipating the return of Nick with goodies from the UK!

A list of local events has just been published in the parish magazine for Auvillar (which I have uploaded to the "things to do" page on our website www.lefarat.com) so we have lots more interesting weekends on the cards for the coming months.

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