Sunday, 27 February 2011

Peaceful Saturday evening - not!

Normally on a saturday as a family we have a nice lazy morning, I make lunch and in the afternoon Nick and I potter in the garden or I do the ironing while Nick does some property maintenance. Abigail does her homework under duress whilst making any excuse possible not to clean out the hampster! Typical family Saturday I would say.

This week I gave the car a birthday and completely valetted it inside and out, even getting all the tar spots off. Abigail decided to help by cleaning one wheel (at 9 years old you tend to loose concentration very quickly unless you are paid!) and Nick spent the afternoon planting yet more trees in our rather rapidly expanding orchard.

The evening started normally and rather quietly. We lit a fire and sat in front of the tv watching a very old film Cool Runnings, which was real escapism.

Just as the film was ending and I was contemplating retiring upstairs to bed there was an almighty rumble in the chimney, for some reason (reflexes I suppose) lept out of the beanbag just in time as some rather large bricks came crashing down the chimney scattering ash, embers and wood all over the carpet and just missing me. I was shaken to say the least and after the dust had settled went to gingerly look up the chinmey with a torch to see what had happened. In the mayhem the bricks had closed the flue trap door and the room was filling with smoke as the fire was still burning. We shone the torch up the chinmey but even with a torch couldn't see alot, but were both too frightened to go to bed just in case there was more rubble to fall. We both waited until the fire burned out and at 2.30am went to bed slightly on edge. On passing the spare room, by chance I checked the fireplace in that room, only to find that the fires were linked by one flue and that fireplace was full of brick rubble too. What a nightmare!

I blame the chimney sweep myself, as he is the only one I can think of to blame just at the moment!

Insurance claim on the cards I think, but at least no one hurt and hopefully no serious damage to the house.

Perhaps Feeley fate is kicking in again, hope there is nothing much worse on the horizon.

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