Friday, 25 February 2011

Spring has Sprung

Yep it really has arrived here in Sunny South West France! Since our arrival last April we have had chance to take in the garden in its entirety and watch what plants and bulbs we have and where they are planted.

As we have a number of fruit trees already, but some are a little long in the tooth we have decided to plant an orchard in the front garden. I have found a great plant nursery locally and had some real bargains. Since Christmas we have planted the following:

6 apple trees - 2 Bramley, James Grieves, Fuji, Braeburn, and a Juilliet (a french variety)
2 cherry trees the big black juicy variety
2 apricot
2 nectarine
2 pears
3 mulberry

We have also planted a Liquid Amber (acer type tree) a pine tree and 9 poplar to shelter one side of the garden.

The plan was to plant a row of lavender along each side of one of the driveways but as the length is over 150m the cost stopped us this year.

200 crocus bulbs have been planted in the back garden by the water feature and I am about to sew various vegetable seeds to start the vege patch, which by the way is not built yet!!

Daffodil bulbs on the cards for next year, but I think we are going to need rather alot to make any sort of impression in gardens of 5 acres!

I am by no means a Percy Thrower but am learning fast! Roses have been cut right back, trees pruned and l am about to do the first mow for this year, as long as the rain holds off this weekend.

How green fingered am I!

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