Saturday, 30 April 2011

18th Birthday, no not mine, but I wish!

My lovely daughter turned 18 recently and as she doesn't live with us here in France but with my sister in the UK, I wanted to do something special for her.

It took months of planning and organisation. I emailed/called family and friends and it was like a military operation to get everyone here without Megan finding out.

On a number of occasions information slipped out in conversation and we were convinced that she had some idea of what was planned, but after questioning coyly, it seemed not. However, Nick, my husband had been on Facebook a few weeks before and had sent a message to my niece saying that he was looking forward to seeing her in March, but instead of private messaging her had posted it on her wall! Needless to say I went mad and told him to stay off Facebook until he knew what he was doing, he would blow the whole thing out of the water if he wasn't careful! Suitably chastised, he dutifully did as he was asked and got on with other things!

The weekend soon arrived and airport runs were in full swing by the time Megan and my dad had boarded their plane from Gatwick to Toulouse.

I had catered for the masses in advance and had made lasagne, chicken curry and beef stew so I could enjoy the weekend too instead of being locked away in the kitchen!

At 8pm I set off to collect the guest of honour and my dad from the airport while everyone else blew up balloons and hid away in the games room to keep the surprise going for as long as possible.

However, unbeknown to me, I was to be the one to let the cat out of the bag and I was gutted when I found out! The night before everyone arrived I had posted something as a direct message on twitter to a friend but had sent it as a reply instead and Megan had seen that I was expecting 17 for the weekend! She had subsequently spent the next 24 hours trying to work out who would be at her "Surprise" do. When I arrived at the airport she was playing the game well!

An hour later when we pulled in the drive the surprise was well and truly out in the open! Nevertheless, everyone was thrilled and cheered happy birthday when she walked into the darkened room!

I had made a cake and the celebrations kicked off in a big way with plenty of alcohol in the equation! At the end of the weekend all departed happy and we were left sad and lonely without our daughter :(

Life is tuff being a parent!

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