Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wild Orchids

Being a country girl at heart and loving all things associated with it, I have been amazed this spring with the variety of wild flowers we have growing here in France.

When we first moved into our old house in Newbury Berkshire over 16 years ago we had a number of wild orchids growig in the garden but unfortunately over the years they disappeared, which was sad.

Here however, we are blessed with not one variety, but I have seen three this year and all totally different. In the UK I am sure our garden would be designated a SSSI (site of special scientific interest).

I have checked the web and we have the following

Bee-orchid. Ophrys-apifera. Ophrys-abeille
Green winged orchid. Anacamptis morio. Orchis bouffon
Lady orchid. Orchis purpurea. Orchis pourpré

How exciting, I am on the look out for other varieties now!

Update May 11. Two new varities found today, images uploaded but am yet to find out what they are! can anyone help?

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