Friday, 22 April 2011

Strawberry Picking

I can feel a writing spree coming on! I have been so busy recently, I have not had the time or the inclination to write a blog but today I feel invigorated and ready to start again!

We have been here a year now and so much has changed in our lives. When we arrived last April we did not have a clue what lay ahead, but a year on we have made lots of friends, have integrated well and have found enough work (so far) to keep the wolf from the door for the time being!

In addition to my internet account management for Zebra (barcode printer manufacturer) I am working up at the local farm picking strawberries whilst waiting for bookings to pick up and have never worked so physically hard. My knees ache, my back is killing me and after the first few hours instead of bending to pick the fruit, I end up kneeling on the floor of the poly tunnel in straw and squashed strawberries, feeling like a cripple, what a sad case I am! However, it is doing wonders for weight loss and the breakfast is fab. I am sure after strawberries there will be other fruit to harvest too, I think cherries are next and although I appreciate the work, I am starting to feel my age!

With the days work, mowing and cooking a meal finished with, I collapse on the sofa in agony which is where I stay until bedtime. After a large Armagnac (or two) to numb the pain I almost crawl up the stairs to bed! But am I happy?........................YES most deffinitely.


  1. We were in that very tube of strawberries this afternoon, and then drove past your lovely home. The link on the sign led us to your blog, which has been thoroughly enjoyable. Here's a link to some photos from last year's St. Noe festival

  2. Strawberry picking is the most back breaking job I have ever done, but the fruit tastes wonderful! Now on to beautiful black cherries which are equally devine and next week apricots that are the biggest I have ever seen and the best for jam making!

    So glad you enjoyed the festival of St Noe last year, we were there too and will be prepared on 18th June this year with plenty of water!

    Pleased the road sign has worked and someone is actually reading my blogs!! Enjoy France, we love it here.