Monday, 17 May 2010

Moles - cunning little buggers!

As most of my spare time is taken up by mowing the huge expanse of lawn here at Le Farat, I wanted to get a gripe off my chest.

MOLES............I HATE THEM!

Since we moved here at the beginning of April, I have worked tirelessly to keep the lawns nice (as you will have read on previous blogs). However, the little blighters are going mental and I am struggling to control the mower over the miles of mole runs that are sinking when I drive over them. Unfortunately, the mower does not have shock absorbers and I am getting a bad back and black eyes!

We have so far tried, traps, smokes, sonic alarms and have read that poisoned worms work but I dont believe it. When we were in the UK we had a great success rate with catching them, but here they must be very cunning. Each run comes into a mole hill at an angle and the traps have been set off with the moles filling them with soil.

Next on the list is to blast them out of the ground!!! To be honest if I make a mess of the lawn with craters all over it, I dont care, it cannot be worse than spending 4 hours at a time bouncing over uneven ground.

Any experts out in cyberspace, your advice would be greatfully received.


  1. Enjoying reading about your new adventure. you are a little ahead of my husband and I who have a renovation project in the Limousin and hope to move from Canada shortly.

  2. do keep in contact, if we can be of any help let us know.