Monday, 10 May 2010

A weekend of celebrations in France

May is clearly a month for celebrating in France, and our region, Tarn et Garonne is no exception. Celebration after celebration since the beginning of the month! This weekend saw the Lavit de Lomagne May fayre and Auvillar school carnival.

We arrived in Lavit about 10am and the whole village was buzzing with people and attractions. Hunting dogs on display in their various breed cages, horses doing circus displays, sheep dogs keeping a small flock of sheep in order in the market square while children, donkeys and adults wandered amongst them. Artisans making clogs with ancient machinery and a street market full of intersting items as well as different food stalls and a vide grenier. We spent most of the day wandering in the warm spring weather (miracle - it stayed dry)

After lunch on the hoof, so to speak we returned home to dress my daughter Abigail in her fancy dress costume for the school carnival. We arrived to an excited group of children all in their brightly coloured outfits, including the little siblings who were barely old enough to walk, but were fully kitted out in fancy dress and face paints! After the customary photographs, a tractor pulled a trailer decorated by the children out of the school playground and through the streets of Auviller, blasting out ....Frankie goes to hollywood - strange choice and I am sure the PTA's command of English was not good enough to understand the lyrics! Still nobody seemed concerned and we had a little sneaky laugh about it.

The children and parents followed the trailer and were all given bags of confetti to throw at each other and passers by. The tourists on the chemin vers saint jacques compostelle trail were entertained by the antics and some even received a neck full of confetti! After about 40 mins everyone returned to the school for cakes and a drink and each child was given a bag of sweets.

A great day was had by all!

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