Thursday, 1 July 2010

Photographers and artists dream

In a previous life many moons ago, when living in the UK I studied photography as an evening course.

It was in the days before digital and I spent many an evening in my makeshift dark room developing my own black & white photos. After 3 years I had passed with distinction all but one section of the photography. I would have liked to have finished the course but a new baby got in the way!

So I went off into the the big wide world with my new found knowledge, looking at things from a different perspective, with my trusty camera at my side. I too soon became sucked into the digital age and upgraded my equipment, mothballed my developer and embraced new technology, so pleased I did too, no more wasted film and expensive developing!

During the course I studied different elements of photography, portraiture, close up, landscapes and black and white photos too. Now living in France with the children older I am getting back into it again, the photo opportunities are endless and I am so excited. So much to choose from, different textures, sunflowers, churches, old buildings, village life and beautiful scenery.

I will post what I can here when I get something you might be interested in! First image attached to this blog is the bridge at Auvillar over the river Garonne.


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