Sunday, 4 July 2010

What a difference 24 hours can make!

After the wash out of events in Auvillar on Friday night, the Fete of St Jacques de Compostelle last night was a roaring success!

In a re-run of timings, we arrived at just about 10pm and walked to the Place de Halle where hundreds of others had gathered to watch the spectacle. The weather was warm and dry but more importantly the sky was clear! At 11pm it was still 27 degrees.

We joined in a candle light procession through the streets of Auvillar stopping at historic points of interest where we were told of the significance of the monuments and the story of St Jacques. We were then treated to a short play by locals in traditional costume in front of the beautiful old church. After half an hour it was all over and we were ushered away to chat elsewhere as the second batch of people arrived.

I am so impressed with village life here, there is something interesting going on here most of the summer, antiques market next week!

The next big event is the "au fil de l'eau" in valence d'Agen 10 mins from Auvillar from 3-14th August, which is a historical play scripted and directed by a famous playwrite from Paris which tells the story of the river and canal since the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The setting is the canal port in the town and some 400 members of the town take part in an extraordinarily professional and entertaining production. I am told by many it is a must see..

We clearly have chosen a fantastic place to live and look forward to showing others life en France as we know it! Come and stay chez nous and see first hand what I am rabbiting on about!

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